We offer you sale of our plot and construction of industrial facility on it. We have a building plot situated in Karpin directly on expressway S8 (E67) near the village of Radzymin surrounded by industrial development (Wytwórnia Brejnak, Piekarnia Szwajcarska ,Serwis MAN, INDECO).

Actual state:
dundeveloped land, without structures, legal status without flaws.

The plot has an area of 7668 m2.

S8 route to Trojany junction and about 1km service road. Also local roads from Tłuszcz and Małopole. Public transport - developed private transport on Warszawa - Wyszków route.

service and production purpose according to study and archival decision on construction conditions. Biologically active area at least 15%.

We offer complex Investor care - carrying out the investment process: building concept with functional and technical solutions optimisation, construction and contracting projects, getting construction permits, comprehensive construction works, getting permit to use the building and transfer the building to the operation along with the necessary documentation.

We have an extensive experience in construction of industrial facilities, adjusting them to client′s needs, which translates into investment costs.

Below we present an exemplary plot, where a building of total area of about 3625 m2 (warehouse and production part - 2945 m2, office and social part 680 m2) was proposed.

Estimated implementation time:
design process: 4 - 6 month depending on the function and complexity of the building,
construction: 20 - 30 weeks since the works start.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact us by phone:
22 738 11 16.

The information above does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

Examples of development of the plot (2MB)