Probis Sp. z o.o. is a company specialised in „turnkey” industrial facilities.

Facilities realised by us are in majority the companies′ headquarters from a broad scope of industries (automotive, food production, trade). The main element is a many-function hall: warehouse, production, services, logistics, preparation for sale, office and social, training, workshop, etc.

We look at the building as a product, in the perspective of client′s expectations. We are able to adjust the most cutting edge technologies and select building′s technical parameters in such a way, that they meet the investor′s needs. We are not limited by a narrow specialization of used technologies (e.g. steel constructions) or skills, and we use the most profitable solutions. We combine engineer′s knowledge, both project and contracting, with legal and economic one.

Our offer is addressed at Investors looking for reliable and trusted contractor, who will lead the investment process in an optimal way in relation to price and quality needs, the result of which will be a facility serving its purpose for many years. Our preferred form of service is the Design and Build system, which is a complex realisation of investment: from the concept, to the project and contracting implemented according to a detailed specifications which determine function, geometry and the materials to be used as well as cost of the whole investment.

We also construct facilities on the basis of client-provided projects within General Contracting, where we offer advice in possibilities of optimizing the already designed solutions.

We have nearly 25 years of experience in industrial facilities construction, thus we can predict and eliminate solutions where there is a risk of failure. We focus on delivering the highest standards in relation to the invested money. Company′s philosophy is the maximum building prefabrication, which allows quick realisation and high quality. Thanks to insurance policies the client has a guarantee of investment security. It should also be stressed that during the whole investment time the client cooperates with only one partner, who also provides a guarantee on the work done. Investors who entrusted us with their investments were not disappointed and come back to us for subsequent projects.

We encourage you to trust us. We assure that we will make every effort to impeccably fulfil the tasks entrusted to us.

Investor′s success is our success.


  Design and Build

Why Design and Build? Probis has lots of experience in Design and Build investments. We believe that it is the best form of realisation, because it allows to optimise costs and quality, maximum shortening of investment period and lets you to know the costs of the whole investment before designing even starts, which results in investor not incurring costs related to any design mistakes.

After offer presentation and investor′s acceptance a contract is signed for comprehensive realisation from concept, to making necessary architectural and constructional and industry projects: plumbing, electricity, road, etc., together with necessary permits, opinions, studies, media provision conditions, etc., then getting construction permit and after its completion permission to use it. The contract defines in details and explicitly the accepted standards: functions, geometry, material and financial conditions.

Such form allows to avoid divergences in assumed budget provided by the Investor with valuations, based on previously executed project. It results from the fact that the designers usually do not acknowledge economic conditions when selecting proposed solutions, because they do not have such experience and usually do not follow the market on a regular basis. Change of erroneous design solutions entails waste of time, and often a change in construction permit is necessary. We believe that it is better to entrust a trusted contractor with construction of the rationally designed building within accepted budget then risk and search for unrealistically cheap contractor who will construct the building with barely optimal solutions.


  General Contracting

Probis Sp. z o.o. has extensive experience in contracting industrial facilities within General Contracting. The majority of construction works are done by our employees and with the use of own equipment. We also make electrical installations, external sanitary installations and road works on our own. With internal sanitary installations, metal joinery and other works we are supported by trusted sub-contracting companies cooperating with us for many years. The investments are carried out in a reliable manner and with utmost care. The company has many examples of successfully implemented investments ? see Our Implementations. Probis also offers help in receiving acceptance from state services and obtaining permit to use the building.


  Optimisation of Solutions

Experience gained on the construction market in implementation of industrial facilities allows us to assess the planned construction in terms of the impact of various design solutions on costs with maintaining the functions of the undertaking. Thus when getting the documentation or guidelines from Investor we are able to present various possible changes or solutions and savings they entail. The best system where we can use our skills is the Design and Build one, where from the very beginning of the project all the elements of the construction are being optimised according to Investor′s needs and budget. When presenting our offer within General Contracting, if we see rational possibilities of such actions, we offer other optional solutions. We also propose a form of cooperation, where the Investor presents their budget and we adjust the solutions so that we meet both financial and functional requirements.